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Rango (2011) แรงโก้ ฮีโร่ทะเลทราย


Rango Roadkill The roadkill tells Roadkill that Terrarium is his pet Chameleon dropped from his car and ended up in the desert of Mojave. Roadkill is shocked to learn that “Dirt” Dirt, an Old West neighborhood, is where water is believed to be brought in by a mysterious ritual on Wednesdays. The water, however, is too far away. He walks through the desert and is left with no alternatives. While walking through in the desert, he manages to avoid being consumed by an aggressive red-tailed hawk, before meeting Beans who is an desert Iguana who guides the iguana on its journey to Dirt.

If asked about his identity When asked his identity, the Chameleon informs the town residents that he’s an extremely tough drifter called Rango. He claims that he killed a notorious gang known as the Jenkins Brothers with one bullet. While he fights Gila criminal dubbed Bad Bill, he avoids the exchange of fire due to the fact that Bill is afraid of the returning hawk. Rango is chased by the hawk until it reaches an unoccupied water tower, which Rango accidently knocks down and results in it crushing the hawk to death. Rango is appointed the new sheriff of town by the desert tortoise town mayor to bring down the hawk. The town’s residents are worried that the infamous gun-toting Rattlesnake Jake who is afraid of predators, such as the hawk could come back after the hawk has been gone.

When they discover that Dirt is in an extreme drought and the only water source is stored at the bank of the town in the water cooler bottle that is about to empty The skeptical Beans insists that Rango discover the location of the water. At night, Rango inadvertently assists a bank robbery group that are led by an unknown mole named Balthazar who thinks they’re prospectors. Rango is able to set up an posse when the locals find out that the bottle has been taken from the bank. They find Johannes Merrimack III, a banker who was killed in the middle of the desert. But it turns out that the banker drowned. The group of robbers follow them into the canyons in order to locate their hideout. They fight Balthazar’s bat-riding clan for the water bottle. Then they discover that the bottle was empty. The robbers claim that they discovered the bottle empty when they were detained, but the police insist on their arrest.

Rango would like to learn more details about the mayor’s decision concerning Dirt’s purchase. Rango questions the mayor about Dirt’s land purchase. He states that he doesn’t know anything wrong and informs Rango this. He drives on the opposite side before falling asleep and being snatched by a couple of pillbugs. Rango awakes the following day to meet the Spirit of the West. The spirit appears as an elderly man who has no name. He speaks to Rango about his actions in front of the Dirt people and he is instructed by the spirit to return to rectify the situation. The spirit informs the man that “No man can walk through his own tale “.

With the aid of Roadkill and mystical yuccas moving, Rango discovers an emergency shut-off valve inside an underground water pipe to Las Vegas, Nevada, which the mayor has been manipulating to cause the water shortage to enable him to purchase the land. After a re-energized Rango returns to Dirt to contest Jake to a continual battle, and a detour in order to allow the yuccas to change the valve on the pipeline in order to return water back to the town and allow Rango to make his stand clear to Jake. However, the mayor forces Rango to give in by threat to Beans his life, before they are transferred to the bank’s vault to be drowned. He then prepares to shoot Jake using his gun in the hopes of killing him along with the remaining people of the Old West, but Rango has gotten the one shot, which he utilizes to shatter the vault’s glass door, liberating himself as well as Beans. The stunned Jake salutes Rango for proving his heroism before pulling the mayor from town to execute him for lying to him. Rango is a true hero, and the people of Dirt celebrate the restoration of their water source.

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